WELCOME TO BHUTAN, Experience the Uniqueness, Natural Beauty and Rich Culture and Tradition of Bhutan.

Bhutan, known for being one of the last living Vajrayana kingdoms, Bhutan has some of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites blessed by extraordinary Buddhist masters of the past and present. It is believed that visiting these sacred sites or nye as the Bhutanese call it, serves as a reminder to seek for the purpose of existence. These places serve as an inspiration to follow the path of the Buddha.

JIGDREL CHOGYAL YANGSEL TOURS & TREKS is one of the Bhutanese Tour Operator licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan based at Paro, Bhutan. Our office provides an amazing journey to some of the most beautiful sacred sites in Bhutan. We ensure to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable with enriching experiences. One does not have to be a Buddhist to be travelling with JCYangsel, if one has the quest for self discovery, then JCYangsel’s service is what you are be looking for.

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